The 10 Best Engagement Ring Ideas for 2020

This article lists options and ideas for various jewellery and can help you find top engagement rings. Suggestions vary from affordable engagement rings to options that allow you to fully design your own engagement ring. You can also visit our shop section for individual items that don’t make it to article or product reviews.

Scroll down to see our simple yet powerful list to help you choose – you should not only start your search for the perfect ring but avoid the confusion later and buy it now – the amount of options (e.g. rings with black diamond, platinum and titanium jewellery, affordable gold engagement rings, cheap diamond rings, designer diamond engagement rings, etc.) is way too large for you to dwell on your decision forever – if you wish to get engaged, then do it – now! When you need help categorizing the choices, we deliver.

Some people simply wish for elegant diamond rings and therefore we have included them in our top 10 list. Secondly there are people who don’t care for diamonds at all and that is taken into consideration while constructing our list. Above all, however, the ring carries a lot of meaning to many since it is the most clear sign of dedication. Not only because someone is ready to spend a great deal of wealth on, for example, 24k gold and diamond jewellery. 

Setting up on the search for Top Engagement Rings

  • Choose a reasonable budget!
  • Trends for this year might be...
  • Ring durability vs. gold content
  • Dedicate it to someone important

# Choose a reasonable budget!

Certainly remeber that you should not overspend! Choose a budget wisely yet try to ensure that you don’t go for too cheap options, perhaps a budget of 500 to 1500 USD and scale up if you feel you can afford more – this way you’ll save for a better wedding too.

# Trends for this year might be...

The engagement ring trends in recent years seem to suggest transition from the yellow hues of gold to more those of white gold – especially 14k for its durability.  However people still want to buy that traditional clear diamond stone for their white gold ring. The gold coloured options vary now from white gold to the pinks of rose gold and anything between – but please note that engagement ring should be precious metal no matter what.

# Ring durability vs. gold content

If you’re feeling wealthier and don’t fear for scratches on your ring, then go ahead and choose that 18k or even 24k gold. Remember that 18k gold has higher gold content but is less durable than 14k. Some older rings tend to have higher gold content for better resale value.

# Dedicate it to someone important

To all those of you who have found their way here to view our list of top ten engagement ring ideas: let’s dedicate this search for the one you’re going to propose – spend some real time with them and on this subject in order to find out what they really want.

Top 10 Best Product Reviews for 2020

Table of contents

#1 Top Diamond Rings

Simple and elegant diamond jewellery, get to know the various cuts, settings and styles of rings. Here are a few contenders you want to research:

Emerald Cut: the stone is rectangular and seems layered

Floral Set: multiple diamonds big or small in flower pattern

Three Stone: representing yesterday, today and tomorrow

Oval Cut: the stone is cut in a simple oval shape

Infinity Style : makes for a good and romantic story as the ring itself displays some sort of spiral shape to it

  • Simple and elegant
  • Highly accessible
  • Too many options with varying prices
  • Watch out for Zirconia

#2 Simple Gold Bands

For this choice, you have to truly know your loved one to be open and accepting to the simple options. I would recommend to go for the highest gold content possible that’s 24k. Simple gold rings are an old classic for weddings too – so maybe you’ll check this later.

  • Easy to choose
  • High in gold
  • Can be considered too simple
  • Could be considered as a wedding ring

#3 Themed rings (e.g. nature themed rings)

Does the love of your life appreciate details of nature? There are for example very nice hand-made nature themed rings by Alex Monroe. When it comes to engagement rings, going for a themed ring might be playing with fire – but it doesn’t mean that a themed ring is cheap! Just make sure you’ve done your research and you know that it’s more than okay to buy a themed engagement ring.

  • Striking choice when correct
  • Unique items
  • Expensive repairs
  • Can't replace unique

#4 Three stone rings

There had to be own review for tristone rings. If you are a person of romantic stories, please get this one for your loved one. The three stones represent the days of the past, the good times of today and the happy days of the future – you can’t find a better message to tell.

The nice thing about 3 stone rings is that the colours of the stones can be varied accordingly – so get out there and choose the best one!

  • Story-worthy item
  • Slightly more unique
  • Higher in price
  • Watch out for Zirconia

#5 Vintage Rings & Art Deco rings

There’s an ever-growing market for vintage items, including rings. Some people might like the idea of ring passed down for generations or someone only prefers vintage style stuff – research this about the person you’re about to propose. Luckily there are options outside of family heirlooms. 

Please be aware that people used to value high gold content in the past for its resale value, therefore some vintage rings are very high in value and scratch easily. Decorative rings are often considered “vintage style”.

  • Timeless options
  • Trendy
  • Difficult to replace and repair
  • Possibly easy to scratch

Perhaps so far the article has provided you with some details what to look for? But remember, just the ring isn’t going to make it happen. Coming up with the perfect setting for proposal is a task itself – go with the thought that it is something to remember until your last days. And, please, remember to calculate this in to your budget as well – especially if you decide to go for an expensive ring!

For example, you could get proposed at home? But that’s plain dull and it would have to be during some sort of special occasion. In short the thing with relationships is that you want to create a lasting image of your moment together. A striking ring might some of the work for you, but still you want to put that extra effort in to make everything more memorable.

Keep in mind when packing your ring in to your luggage for that once-in-a-lifetime trip to a dream location that you know exactly where the ring is! The day is getting closer and you don’t want to ruin it even for yourself – thank you.

#6 Black diamond rings

Want to be different when it comes to engagement? Black diamond ring calls for serious discussion with your loved one – especially in the western world the colour black is associated with the murky side of life.

So if you want to get something for your dark and mysterious, perhaps heavy-metal loving, person of choice then get this bond of afterlife for them.

  • Unique through the roof
  • Awesome forever
  • A little bit scary...
  • Watch out for fakes

#7 Designer title rings

This section is for the sole purpose of reminding you that a top designer adds more value to the ring. In short designers are expensive the more wanted they are and you can find designers everywhere nowadays. 

Certainly, when you get a designer ring, you’re actually buying a piece of art and you should remember to keep all the documents related to this piece of jewellery.

  • Real pieces of art
  • Keeping or increasing in value
  • Expensive to buy
  • Expensive to repair

#8 Design your own top engagement rings

Instead of a designer branded ring, how about you become the designer of your own ring? This option to design your own engagement ring can be found at the Blue Nile which is one of the top jewelry stores for engagement rings.

  • Easy Assembly
  • Quality varies
  • Expensive
  • Possibly no return!

#9 Natural gemstone rings

Is it her green emerald eyes that you fell in love with or those pink lips you kissed for the first time? Here’s a list to remind you of the most wonderful natural gemstones to have on a ring that might compare:


Sapphire – mostly known for their blue colours.
Emerald – from yellowish green to bright green.
Ruby – mostly known for deep red colours.
Topaz – multiple colours, typically yellow.
Peridot – an option for bright green.
Amethyst – purple to blue colours.

  • Usually cheaper than diamonds
  • Categorizing your options more
  • Trying to match different parts
  • Too unique to loose

#10 Titanium & Platinum Rings

Other metals for engagement rings could be titanium or platinum. They are also considered high value metals, but traditional gold is not allowing room for them.

 If you are a practical person, then for example titanium could be your option. It could be viewed as sort of an engineer-style proposal. The colours for these rings vary in the hues of white and are similar to that of whitegold but significantly harder material.

These type of metal rings are often considered masculine for no good reason.

  • More durable compared to gold
  • As good as gold
  • Considered practical
  • Not as striking

Will it be a success? Hopefully we've given you new ideas to find the top engagement rings to win a heart of your loved one.

That’s why this article was written, so that you may find more information and do the right choices when it comes to choosing an engagement ring. Please share this article to hint at your loved one that you wish to get engaged or share this with your friend who is in trouble looking for a ring and in need of all advice they can get. You can do everything online nowadays, so hopefully you or your friend will find the best  engagement ring options online via this article.

Thank you for reading!

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